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Are you ready for the next generation of UAVs? We have Leica's Aibotix X6 and Draganfly's Commander. Two UAVs from two of the world's UAV Pioneers. So, what you looking to measure? Call 1.800.461.3223. Outside Canada? Call 705.744.3246

Leica Aibotix

Leica Aibotix X6v2

Leica Aibotix

The Aibot X6- An indispensable work tool The Aibot X6 is an autonomously flying hexacopter, specifically designed for demanding tasks in surveying, industrial inspection, agriculture and forestry. Equipped with a high level of artificial intelligence, this UAV reaches virtually any target and can independently create high resolution images and videos. An unmatched feature of the Aibot X6 offers the possibility to adapt varying kinds of sensors such as hyper- and multispectral sensors, infrared and thermal sensors and sensors for other industry-specific missions.

A new spin on photogrammetry
Surveying of the future is not fixed and static, but dynamic and flexible. With the data captured by the Aibot X6 commercial UAV and the software solutions of Aibotix and Hexagon, you can generate orthophotos, 3D models and high-density point clouds with great accuracy. The flight planning software Aibotix AiProFlight makes it simple to obtain all the parameters essential for proficient photogrammetry.

Simple and efficient data capture from the air

  • Survey simply, efficiently and economically from the air going to places that conventional equipment cannot reach
  • Plan the route ahead of your flight and make the Aibot X6 automatically fly along the defined route
  • Take high-resolution, geo-referenced photographs or other sensor data of the targeted area
  • Ensure sufficient image overlap, adequate airspeed, and fully automatic image capture based on the requirements of the sensor
  • Photograph vertically (nadir) or at an angle (oblique), and change flight altitude and camera angle during the flight as required
  • Increase the safety and efficiency of your inspection staff
  • Get a premium product developed and produced in Germany

Wide range of mapping, inspection, planning, agriculture and forestry applications

  • Site surveying for quarries, sand pits, landfills, coal stockpiles, etc.
  • Inspection of overhead power lines and transmission towers, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, bridges, dams, buildings, oil and gas pipelines and railroad tracks
  • Analysis of sites as basis for development plans and monitoring of construction sites for documentation purposes
  • Data generation for point clouds, aerial images, volume calculations, GM creation, location and inventory plans, topographic images and planning fundamentals
  • Thermal imaging analysis to detect defects in buildings, industrial facilities or solar panels

Fully integrated solution from a single source 
Aibotix works closely with other Hexagon brands, such as Leica Geosystems, to fully integrate systems and workflows for data generation and processing.


Draganfly Commander

Commander Ultra Portable Helicopter Package

Draganfly Commander

Draganfly's Commander high endurance system has an 80% stronger folding airframe, more powerful motors, improved ESC cooling, Aerospace connectors delivering the performance required for an extensive range of aerial applications. These "Ready-to-Fly systems" include a rugged transport case and everything you need to get flying.

Capable of safely flying 100 acres for high quality data acquisition with a 2-axis stabilized Sony QX100 payload and digital video down-link system. The high power dual battery system is connected using aerospace quality connectors and provides an extra layer of protection where if a single battery fails, the aircraft will continue to sustain flight to a safe landing.

Providing a safe and reliable means to automatically take-off and land the aircraft. The range sensor is fully integrated into the autopilot system working in conjunction with a precision barometric sensor to provide the best in altitude performance.

To complement new advanced battery technology Draganfly developed an APP that wirelessly connects to the battery, providing you with detailed performance and history data.

A rock solid aerial platform that is portable, high endurance, with extensive safety features, but the real work gets done with the wide range of "quick release" payload modules. For color optical work our payloads range from 20.2 to 21.1 megapixel sensors with optical zoom capability and 2-axis brushless stabilized high quality gimbal. All payloads feature the Draganflyer Quick Release (QR) system. The QR payloads snap in place and even better, no cable connections required and yet, provide high quality digital video down-link.

Draganflyer X4-P

Draganflyer X4-P

Draganflyer X4P

Configuring your new Draganflyer X4-P is simpler than ever. Decide on a color, select one or more of the three payload options and request a quote. Call 1.800.461.3223. Outside Canada? Call 705.744.3246

Razor sharp, crystal clear high resolution images providing you with rich amazing aerial photos. The camera gimble is gyro stabilized in the pitch axis and the camera is vibration isolated from the frame. This combination helps keep the camera on target and provides impressive results.

A good quality folding frame means you can easily pack into the back seat or trunk of an automobile. When packed in its rugged transport case, the complete helicopter system meets airline baggage size requirements.

Constructed from high quality carbon fiber, the strength-to-weight ratio of the aircraft is very high, coupled with a strong folding frame helps reduce damage in the event of a hard landing or hitting an obstruction.

It's a helicopter system that is inherently stable making this a dream to fly. The onboard computer and 11 sensors keep the helicopter level in real-time and pointed in the right direction, so when you "park" the helicopter in the air using the GPS position hold function, you can shift your attention to getting the photos you need.

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