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About SmartNet

was built to provide high-precision, high-availability Network RTK corrections for any application, using any constellation, while at the same time being open to all. With a robust, traceable and repeatable Network RTK correction users of SmartNet can expect centimeter-level accuracies tied to a common datum.

How It Works

Ten years ago, RTK surveys typically involved two GPS receivers (a base and a rover), a lot of batteries and cables, two radios, a tripod, a pole and a backpack to carry it all. Today you can choose between a GPS or a GNSS receiver, and a radio or a mobile phone. Only a few batteries are required, no cables, and it all fits on the pole. And now, with the establishment of RTK Networks, you can also choose to work with an RTK rover within these Networks instead of setting up your own base-station.

Why SmartNet?

SmartNet is truly unique in the industry, between understanding customers' needs, developing and using the latest GNSS technologies, and having the people and process to offer support that is second to none, SmartNet provides unparalleled flexibility for its users in the field.
Want to know more?


SmartNet offers its users many uniqure features and benefits, none of which matter if it doesn't save you time and help your bottom line. Take some time and see how SmartNet can benefit you and your company to maximize your use of GNSS positioning.



Leica 3D Disto Laser Distance Meter

While SmartNet can truly service any application, our foundation is rooted in the Survey & Geomatics Industries. And it is this foundation that drives us to provide the tools, services, and accuracies required by surveyors in the field. We understand the challenges faced by today's surveyors, both financially and technologically. With markets driving tighter deadlines and even tighter margins everyone is looking for an edge. SmartNet can provide that edge.

SmartNet eliminates the need for a traditional RTK base station, with this flexibility surveyors can now achieve efficiencies and increased productivity that contribute directly to the bottom line. No more spending hours searching for control or bringing control onsite, no more baby sitting a base station, no more lost hours due to radio issues. With SmartNet you get out of the truck and you get to work!

Be it a small boundary survey, a medium sized topo or a gigantic highway project, SmartNet allows surveyors to unleash the true potential of your GNSS equipment!S



Leica D810 Touch

Today's fast paced construction market puts a premium on productivity. Companies are already looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits by using technology on the job site. With SmartNet you can take your productivity to the next level and use technology to contribute directly to the company's bottom line. And because our foundation is rooted in the Survey & Geomatics industries you can trust that you are getting the highest quality corrections in the market today.

Be it a simple rover application for layout & grade checking to a full blown 3D Machine Control application we can deliver. SmartNet has already been used on everything from highway construction projects to airport runways to sport stadiums and even on the Freedom Tower in New York City.

Any application that requires precise measurements and machine operations at the centimeter level can take advantage of SmartNet.



Leica Lino L2 Laser Level

SmartNet can be used in a variety of agricultural applications such as cropping, fertilization and land-leveling. With a networked RTK correction from SmartNet, communication distance is not restricted by the communication device. Inside of SmartNet, you can continuously get position over 30 miles away without having to switch base stations or worry about distance from the base.

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