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Leica GeoMoS Edge

Leica GeoMoS software suite now comes with the brand new Leica GeoMoS Edge, a monitoring software for autonomous sensor control and uninterrupted data logging in the field. GeoMoS Edge allows for measurements to be continuously taken and temporarily stored even when there is no communication to the office available – ultimately preventing data loss. It is embedded on Leica ComGate20, a plug-and-play solution for monitoring communication.

It also features EdgeConnect technology, powered by Xalt, which enables easy and secure cloud IoT connectivity between all field and office devices, without the need for timely and costly configuration by IT experts. Additionally, GeoMoS Edge can stop individual sensors for configuration during measurement cycles, which also prevents data gaps.

Leica Nova TM50 completes the perfect GeoMoS monitoring combination of sensors, communication and software. It is designed to support monitoring service providers, seeking to minimise risks of downtime and running a monitoring system 24/7.


Leica GeoMoS Edge Infographic



Even when communication to the office is disrupted, sensors will continue to perform measurement cycles and transmit data once communication is restored.


A much faster setup without the need of an expert performing field configurations.


Sensors in the field can be stopped for configuration without the need for stopping an entire measurement cycle.


This will ensure the highest quality raw measurements, even when measurement cycles are running autonomously without connection to the server.

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For more information on the Leica GeoMoS Edge. Send us a message!