HxGN MineProtect

People are mine’s most precious resource, yet securing their safety amidst heavy traffic, large equipment, and poor visibility can be challenging. For all mines, accommodating the pressure for productivity with the need for safety is a fine balance. But Hexagon Mining believes safety solutions that put people first need not be at the expense of efficiency and results. In fact, money spent on safety is the most solid investment a mine can make. 

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The HxGN MineProtect portfolio comprises solutions integrated with our collision avoidance system, the industry’s leading technology for proximity detection, built on more than a decade’s experience with more than 30,000 units at work worldwide.

HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS) is available in Foundation, Advantage and Pro options, each of them offering 360-degree proximity detection when traveling at any speed and in all conditions, via non-intrusive cabin display units. Not only is vision improved, but situational awareness is heightened, as a GPS unit calculates the vehicle’s speed and path of movement.

Positional information of each vehicle fitted with the system enables real-time traffic alerts. Operators can see where other vehicles are and where they are heading. The system’s in-built safety zone feature predicts potential collisions in advance and alerts drivers. CAS is easy to install, quick to configure, and cost effective.

Together with our Tracking Radar solution, CAS Pro is the basis of HxGN MineProtect Vehicle Intervention System (VIS), which stops vehicles when an operator doesn’t react appropriately to a CAS Pro warning. VIS is the first solution to automatically recognize hazardous conditions and take control of a vehicle when an operator fails to do so. If an imminent collision is detected, VIS cuts vehicle propulsion, applies the retarder, or activates the service brakes.

Also integrated with CAS are solutions for fatigue monitoring and personal protection.

HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System is an integrated fatigue-detection, alerting, and reporting solution that helps mining machinery operators to maintain the level of attention necessary for long hours and monotonous tasks.

HxGN MineProtect Personal Alert is an accident-avoidance device worn by field personnel that ensures 360-degree visibility of pedestrians around heavy equipment. It offers an additional layer of safety to operators and pedestrians who must deal with the daily dangers of blind spots, noise, heavy traffic, and poor visibility.

Together, Hexagon Mining’s integrated solutions make HxGN MineProtect the most comprehensive safety portfolio on the market.

HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System

360-degree proximity detection via a non-intrusive cabin display unit for all mining vehicles, assets, and operators in open-pit mines.

HxGN MineProtect Personal Alert

The first accident-avoidance device worn by personnel using the precision of Time-of-Flight technology, ensuring 360-degree visibility of pedestrians around heavy equipment.

HxGN Operator Alertness System

A smart camera system that consolidates solutions for monitoring shovels and other heavy equipment to mitigate blind spots.

HxGN MineProtect Tracking Radar

A dependable object-tracking system that uses radar technology to characterize a potential threat’s position and motion.

HxGN MineProtect Vehicle Intervention System

The first system to automatically recognize hazardous conditions and take control of a vehicle when an operator fails to do so.

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