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HxGN MineMonitoring

HxGN MineMonitoring is a comprehensive portfolio for slope stability monitoring in open-pit mines that aims to support quick and informed decision making through the integration of Hexagon monitoring technologies with radar, geodetic and geotechnical sensors all aggregated into one comprehensive software, for a holistic view of the mine.

With the largest install base in open-pit mines and as the longest serving technology leader with more than 30 years of experience, Hexagon offers a complete technology portfolio for slope stability monitoring which includes hardware, software, support and services.

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Supplying a complete solution, HxGN MineMonitoring technology is entirely owned and developed by Hexagon and its subsidiaries IDS GeoRadar and Leica Geosystems.

The available technology enables a broad spectrum of applications ranging from Slope stability monitoring, Rockfall hazard mitigation, tailing dams monitoring, waste dumps and excavations to structural monitoring of plants and other infrastructure around the mines.

Close to our customers in every challenge they face. 24/7 technical support, advanced data interpretation and tailored training. Monitoring network design and implementation.

Critical Slope Monitoring

Your slope stability monitoring solutions to making faster, better critical decisions.

Focused Slope Monitoring

Focused monitoring can contribute to the optimization of slope design and extraction planning by improving the overall risk management.


Rockfall hazard detection and management

The strong demand for monitoring performed by professionals of rock falls in open-pit mines has now an answer.

Strategic Long-term Monitoring

Long-term background monitoring of slope deformations and slow movements is a crucial practice for improving and maintaining efficient slope design, long-term planning and geotechnical characterization of the rock mass.

Data Aggregation

For the first time an integrated software platform is able to combine, analyse, visualise and cross check all measurement results delivered by automated monitoring systems, such as Total Stations, GNSS, radar systems, geotechnical and environment sensors, InSAR, as well as manual readings in one geographic environment.

Support and Services

A worldwide network of highly qualified support and geotechnical engineers are available to provide around-the-clock and on-site support even in remote areas.

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