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HxGN MineEnterprise

Operational management solutions that connect processes and convert data into real-time information to support proactive mine management.

Real-time information is invaluable to any mine striving for world-class operational performance and the highest safety standards. To change a business from being reactive to proactive, information and collaboration are key. That means digitizing every aspect of mine operations. Some customers are paying for machines with far more sensors than ever before, but that exponential data isn’t converted into actionable information. Until now.

The HxGN MineEnterprise Portfolio comprises suites that deliver integrated solutions at the enterprise level across your business.

HxGN MineEnterprise Platform is an operational management hub that responds to this need for collaboration by helping a mine to see downstream effects. It connects processes and data in a central place to support the management of your mine. Users can transition from re-assigning equipment to changing the mine plan before issues arise.

MineEnterprise Platform creates a mining-centric repository of data accessible across all levels and departments. Data is transformed into actionable packets of information and delivered directly to key stakeholders, encouraging proactive decision-making inside and outside the office, based on current data.

Engineers and geologists spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing data thanks to a single source of the truth, accessible throughout the business.

HxGN MineEnterprise Modules enable a range of data management and enrichment processes to assist in the daily operation of a mine: Location management, drill and blast, material movement, equipment analysis, target management, reconciliation, inventory management, haul analysis and rates management are among the critical steps handled by MineEnterprise Modules, which ensure data streams can be connected and analyzed.

MineEnterprise Modules are simple to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain. The solution scales as your business does so you need only buy what you need today while possessing the platform to be ready for tomorrow. Enjoy the ability to implement consistency and formalize the fundamental tech services’ activities performed by every operation. Ensure that the value of fleet information continues beyond dispatch and short interval control, and can be realized across the whole business.

HxGN MineEnterprise Modules

Data management and enrichment processes to assist in daily ops, including D&B, material movement, equipment analysis, and reconciliation.

HxGN MineEnterprise Platform

An enterprise platform and operational management hub that connects processes and data in a central place to support the management of your mine.

CAS Analytics

HxGN MineEnterprise CAS Analytics is a web-based reporting and analytics platform that adds a powerful layer of safety to the MineProtect safety portfolio.

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