MOSS Miner Operated Survey System

MOSS Miner Operated Survey System

Leica mini prisms

The MOSS underground surveying software supports a wide variety of Leica Robotic Total Stations including the latest MS60 3D Face Mapping and Jumbo Drill Steel Layout system. MOSS incorporates the use of a Robotic Total Station to control all layout activities related to surveying and the design location of the Jumbo Drill Pattern layouts on active headings. The system/solution will reduce over-break by at least 10 percent, and while using this automation, MOSS reduces manpower at the face.

With MOSS implemented in active headings we see a direct result to improved workflow and faster cycle times. The real-time data MOSS is able to capture and provide solutions for: Comparison between Mine Design and Actual Blast, Setting of Line and Grade, Collar Drill Hole Location, 3D drill Pattern Generator, Face Scanning and Photos, and Cavity Monitoring. The entire seven step process takes on average twenty to twenty five minutes.

MOSS has proven direct cost savings due to the real-time data provided to the miner at the face. The data collected related to this process is a one man job, thereby reducing manpower cost while increasing safety by having less people in the development heading. See an immediate return on investment in direct relation to more accurate metrics to month end reconciliations and financials.

For more information on our MOSS Miner Operated Mining System, please visit our MOSS.ROCKS site

MOSS miner operated survey system

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