Wall Mount Prisms and the Monopod System

A New Era in Tunnel Measurement

Leica Carriers

Mechanized mining techniques have created the need of navigating underground more efficiently with reduced overhead costs. Tunnels and drifts underground have increased in size to allow for today’s large mechanized machinery making it more difficult for surveyors to reach up and position their control points in the back or (ceilings). Using Wall Mount Prisms and utilizing common Coordinate Geometry techniques frees up the surveyor to place control where ever required at chest height allowing surveyors the safety, speed and accuracy for marking up drifts for line, grade, and tope. The system consists of 3/8” stainless steel sleeves which are counter-sunk into the drift wall leaving nothing to be struck or bent. The prism adaptors are inserted into the sleeve and have a standard Leica prism mount that adapts to all Leica prisms. The adaptor shoulder rests on the sleeve providing excellent repeatability. The only thing left behind in the wall is the stainless-steel sleeve.





Leica Carriers

Wall Mount Prisms

Leica mini prisms

GMP101, Mini Prism Set
Conveniently stored in the instrument container, Mini Prisms offer a high positional accuracy due to their small size. The GMP101 has a built-in leveling bubble and supplied with an attachable spike. With this arrangement a point can be measured with very high precision. The GMP Mini Prism has a built-in target plate and delivers with its own transport bag. Prism constant of +17.5mm, max. IR range of 2000m (7000ft).

Stainless Steel Sleeves
50 sleeves per bundle
Article No: 08-402

Stainless Steel Setters
Article No: 08-400

Stainless Steel Adapters for Leica Prisms
Article No: 08-401

Stainless Steel Spads
Come in packages of 100 spads per order
Article No:105001100

Dowload our Wall Prism System Manual

The Monopod System

Leica Carriers

A Monopod is a mining Line and Grade tool to be used with a Laser Theodolite or Total Station. The internally threaded Bronze Wall Inserts are drilled (1") countersunk into the drift wall, and installed using the drop-in anchor and installation tool.  No grout is required!  The Monopod Wall Mount is then threaded into the Wall Insert and becomes a stable platform for a Laser Theodolite, giving miners a coordinated control station to lay out line and grade. The Laser Theodolite displays horizontal angle and percent grade directly on the working face for easy markups. Here's what you need:

Aluminum Backsight Bar
Article No: 99-300

Article No: 99-200

8" Brass Inserts for Monopods / 25 per box
Article 99-207

18" Brass Inserts for Monopods / 25 per box
Article No: 99-207-18

Download our Monopod System Manual

Leica Carriers
Leica Carriers
swivel hangers for reflector prisms

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