Leica Geosystems' family of digital and optical levels from Northern Survey Supply are quick to set up, easy to use, rugged and most importantly, precise! Leica's line of optical lasers offer the highest price-to-performance ratio while the easy-to-use out-of-the-box digital levels take measurements in double-quick time keeping errors to a minimum. Call 1.800.461.3223 to order the right construction laser for the right job.

Leica Digital Levels

LS10 & LS15 Digital Levels

Leica Viva GS14

For trusted surveyors and measuring professionals, getting a full day’s worth of highly precise levelling measurements is not only stressful but an unusually complex and redundant job.

Leica LS15 and LS10 digital levels give a welcome chance to alleviate demanding levelling tasks. Automated functions and industry-leading 0.2mm accuracy allow users to easily demonstrate their measuring skills while effectively completing any project.

From autofocus to touchscreen displays with clean layouts, the entire measurement process is made more efficient with LS15 and LS10 digital levels. Common levelling errors, like misreading the staff or transcription mistakes, are worries of the past. Providing the most reliable results from immediately understandable line flows with image-supported colour visuals, these levelling solutions make the professional’s daily tasks a more enjoyable experience.

Users profit from Leica Geosystems’ experience as inventors and industry leaders of digital levels. Honing the digital level into an art form, these solutions collect results faster with the highest accuracy available.

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Sprinter 50 Digital Level

Leica Sprinter 50 Digital Level

Easy handling
Improve the quality of your daily measuring tasks. Get the results simply by the push of a button. The one-button level is easy to use also without specific instructions or trainings. Glaring sun shine or rain does not stop the Leica Sprinter 50 as it is dust and jet-water protected (protection class IP 55). The results can be read-out from the highly visible LCD even in unfavourable light conditions.

Reliable and error free measurements
Avoiding expensive measuring errors can save you a lot of money. The build-in tilt sensor of the Leica Sprinter 50 prevents the system from measuring if you operate outside the compensator range. Due to this safety check, you can be sure to get always accurate results.

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Sprinter 150 Digital Level

Leica Sprinter 150 Digital Level

High efficiency with precise calculations
Improve your efficiency with the automatic calculations of the Leica Sprinter 150 for delta height and tracking & monitoring. The digital level covers almost all construction applications such as cut & fill, line levelling and distance measurement. For continuous measurement choose the tracking and averaging mode for even more accurate results.

Convenient handling – multiple languages
Does your crew speak different languages? The Leica Sprinter is the only instrument of its class with multiple languages on-board. This allows you to choose the preferred language – simply and with only one keystroke, for improved efficiency and convenience.

Leica Sprinter Brochure
Leica Sprinter Technical Data
Leica Sprinter 50,150,150M,250M Declaration of Conformity
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Sprinter 250M & 150M Digital Levels

Leica Sprinter 250M abnd 150M

Improved workflow and high productivity
Avoid transcription errors and improve your workflow. Store up to 2,000 measurements and download them to your personal computer via USB Interface. The Sprinter DataLoader enables a smooth data transfer to Microsoft Excel. Your measurements can also be transferred to an external data collector via RS232 interface.

High Application Flexibility
Be prepared for all type of construction levelling tasks with the automatic calculation programs of the Leica Sprinter M. The programs for:

Delta Height
Calculates the height difference between points. Enter your benchmark, measure your backsight and then your various targets (foresights) for accurate calculations. The delta height is always calculated and clearly displayed.

Line Levelling
Whether you only have back and foresights or even intermediate sights, choose the line levelling job you need. Enter your starting benchmark, measure your backsights, intermediate sights and foresights until you have reached your final point. All measurements are stored in the appropriate and convenient order.

Cut & Fill
This onboard application indicates the cut and fill results based on a reference level. Enter your required reference level and benchmark. Take the backsight and start measuring. The program displays now the cut and fill results, height differences, compared to your reference level.

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Leica Optical Levels

Leica NA300 Series Optical Levels

Leica NA300

The Leica NA300 Series of automatic (optical) levels has been developed for professionals who are looking for the highest quality results day by day. With the many obstructions and uneven surfaces on construction and building sites, the levels NA300 levels rise to the occasion and ensure the straightest and safest construction possible.

The unique design of the Leica NA300 Series of automatic (optical) levels can meet you wherever you are in the building and construction field. With a better protected shape, these rugged levels offer increased ergonomic handling while ensuring you receive the highest quality results at the best price value.

Simple and Accurate
Leica NA300 Series levels have been engineered for daily levelling tasks. Whatever the need, these levels measure with the highest precision and accuracy. A perfectly designed mirror makes it extremely easy to adjust the horizontal level with the highest possible accuracy and confidence. The Leica NA300 Series levels - along with all our automatic (optical) levels - are made for everyday use for any site.

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Leica NA500 Series Optical Levels

Leica NA500 Optical Automatic Level

Accurate measurements whatever the conditions.With the many obstructions and uneven surfaces, construction and building sites are full of levelling challenges. To ensure the straightest and safest construction possible, you need a reliable instrument for all your levelling needs. On your terms, on your site, Leica Geosystems is your trusted partner and the Leica NA520 level provides you with reliable levels for accurate measurements and high quality results.

Accurate. Focused. Protected.

Leica Geosystems is a pioneer in manufacturing levels and understands the needs of construction workers. Whatever your need, basic or more, Leica Geosystems levels are your answer. With a unique design, these levels produce the highest quality results at the best price value. The unique design of the Leica NA500 Series reflects the high quality of technology featured inside each level. The NA500 Series is ruggedly made to withstand the harshest elements and while highly accurate, provide quick and easy measurements.

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Leica NA700 Series Optical Levels

Leica NA500 Optical Automatic Level

The Leica NA700 levels defy the toughest of building site environments. Save time and money with no need for regular checks in the workshop or constant readjustment. When it comes to extreme robustness and optimum measuring accuracy, the Leica NA700 levels are hard to beat with:

Highest reliability and accuracy at tough jobsites
Heavy rain, dusty environment and vibrations from heavy construction machinery do not stop you to work with the NA700 levels. They are especially designed for tough jobsites and feature IP 57 protection - dust protected and watertight.

Minimal downtime
Early morning or late evening, with the NA700 levels you can measure at any time, even in unfavourable light conditions. The high luminosity always gives you an outstanding contrast and a sharp, upright image for an ergonomic look and a comfortable read-out. The nitrogen filled telescope prevents the lens from fogging up so that you always have a clear view.

The right level for every application
Do you want to measure distances, as-sign datum lines, define height differences or read heights? Depending on the application and the required level of accuracy, the NA700 Series has the right level for your day-to-day tasks.

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Leica NA2 & NAK2 Series of Optical Levels

Leica NA500 Optical Automatic Level

Flexibility that pays off
The NA series is designed to be used for all types of surveying tasks. Independent if you have to do routine levelling on construction sites, check or monitor buildings, railways or roads, with the Leica NA levels you always have the right tool at hand.

Highest accuracy and reliability
Get reliable and precise levelling results even on sunny days. The top-class optical quality of Leica Geosystems always delivers a high contrast image and makes the read-out precise and easy even in unfavourable light conditions. Due to the high temperature stability the Leica NA levels deliver always reliable results and are relatively insensitive to direct solar radiation.

Fast and convenient set-up
Increase your efficiency and safe time with the fast to set-up Leica NA levels. Use the coarse movement of the focusing knob for rapid setting with minimum turning. The fine movement gives the final touch for a perfect image. To check if the compensator is functioning, simply press the button. This check will take less than a second and gives you a high level of security!

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Hand Levels from CST

CST 6 Hand Level

Model 41 Pocket Sighting Level

6" Round Hand Level

8-9" 5X Hand Level
Magnifies Vial 2.5X, Brass

6-8" 2X Hand Level

5-7" 1X with Stadia

5 1/4" Abney Level

Leica Level Accessories


Leica GST05 Tripod

The most important criterion for a good tripod is its stability, quite explicitly, the torsional rigidity. With that, a very valuable, but not the only, argument for the original tripod from Leica Geosystems has been named. Other substantial benefits are the height stability under load and the minimal horizontal drift. Also not to be underestimated are advantages such as long life, optimal vibration dampening, water resistance, outstanding behaviour in solar radiation and their weight in relation to load-bearing capacity.

Transparent choice
The right tripod choice is decisive if the indicated accuracy of an instrument is to be reached. The classification "heavy duty" and "light duty" is widely based on ISO Norm 12858-2. Pro 5000: Heavy Duty • Pro 3000: Light Duty • Pro 1000: All-Round

The stability of the original
Leica Geosystems tripods are manufactured solely from wood or aluminium. Wood, especially the beech and pine used by Leica Geosystems, offers the best stability values, measured on vertical movement and horizontal drift over time. Wood also exhibits optimal vibration characteristics and therefore delivers substantial benefits, especially in the use of motorised TPS. The surfaces of the wooden tripods are sealed several times to prevent moisture absorption and to maximum longevity. Aluminium tripods are robust and save weight, their range of application is however limited.

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