Leica MobileMatriX

Leica MobileMatriX has been specifically designed for the needs of surveyors and GIS professionals. This software is a solution for the interactive processing, visualisation and maintenance of survey data directly in the field. Developed for seamless data flow between the field and the office. MobileMatriX is based on the latest ArcGIS™ technology from ESRI®.

MobileMatriX is available in three editions:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • On ArcGIS®

The Leica MobileMatriX Standard Edition software is ideal for typical data collection tasks. With a simple user interface based on Leica Geosystems and ESRI interface design, you can collect point, line or polygon features, including attribute information with high performance and productivity.

The Leica MobileMatriX Professional Edition software offers everything that the Standard version offers, and, furthermore, it supports disconnected editing technology from ESRI, the complete ArcGIS® database model, and many more features. It is ideal for data maintenance tasks – disconnected from the network environment with the ability for in the field data collection and design using the checked out features – especially for companies working with an ESRI enterprise database in the office.

The Leica MobileMatriX on ArcGIS® Edition runs as an extension on any ESRI ArcGIS® Desktop product (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo) with version 10.1 to 10.6 providing:

  • Full GIS functionality of underlying ArcGIS Desktop available.
  • GIS functionality varies according to ArcGIS Desktop product.

The usage of ArcGIS® as a platform for MobileMatriX ensures a seamless data flow between field and office and vice versa. Quality and completeness control is moved from office to field, complex and cost-intensive data conversion, as well as data redundancy is avoided with MobileMatriX.

Collect and manage spatial information, make measurements in the field to create and update maps, plans and databases suitable for:

  • Geodesy and Land Surveying
  • Urban and Regional Mapping
  • Cadastral
  • Utility market and Power Supply Industry
  • Public Safety
  • Forestry and geologic mapping
  • Agricultural Mapping
  • Archaeology
  • Environmental Data collection
  • Traffic Infrastructure
  • Map Completion

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