GIS Collectors & Tablets

Leica Zeno 20

Leica Captivate Software

The Leica Zeno 20 simplifies daily data capture for GIS field personnel. Leverage the strength of cutting-edge technology in one remarkably compact device.Made rugged to withstand the elements of any work site, the Leica Zeno comes with a durable IP67 dust and waterproof rating. Work from anywhere when you download the Android app that streams RTK-corrected GNSS positions.

Solve daily GIS challenges with new technologies
The No. 1 challenge facing GIS field personnel is GNSS-denied environments. Collecting reliable and accurate positioning data is near impossible in these areas. This struggle is eliminated with new innovative technologies by Leica Geosystems inside the Leica Zeno 20 GIS collector:

Even in closed or covered areas, such as dense forests, an internal antenna enables collecting accurate position data. With maximum performance, collect more, collect simpler.

Be more productive, increase safety and save time when the Leica Zeno 20 GIS collector is combined with the Leica DISTO S910 laser distance metre. End the struggle to access hard-to-reach and dangerous points when you simply aim and instantly collect from anywhere, anytime.

More accuracy, greater time savings, increased productivity
achieve all this with the Leica Zeno 20 GIS collector’s better satellite acquisition with stronger signals and contactless offset measuring . This GIS solution is truly comprehensive and second to none.

Leica Geosystment, Esri improve GIS with ZenoCollector
The leader in measurement technology has joined with the leader in GIS technology to bring you an all-new integrated solution in mobile data capturing. The rugged Leica Zeno 20 combines with the powerful Collector for ArcGISto create the ZenoCollector. With Collector for ArcGIS as its main user interface and bundled with an ArcGIS Online organisational subscription for one year, the ZenoCollector:

  • Saves time automatically synching field changes to enterprise information
  • Increases productivity opening access to all for the latest data from the field
  • Improves accuracy with professional-grade GNSS coordination


Leica Zeno and Disto S910

Leica Infinity Software

Combining the new Leica DISTO™ S910 with the Leica Zeno 20 changes how users collect asset information in GNSS-denied areas. With this signature gamtec technology, highly accurate distance and angular measurements from the DISTO™ S910 can be transferred on the fly to the Zeno 20, where data is imported in real time in your GIS – challenging GNSS areas are now problems of the past.

The DISTO™ S910 can precisely measure directions and angles, and with the accurate positions delivered from the Zeno 20, you have a revolutionary instrument to capture inaccessible assets securely. Zeno Mobile running on the Zeno 20 allows you to effortlessly establish the connection and import the DISTO™ S910 measurements into your project - no post-editing is necessary. In a simple and affordable way, remove the limitations of GNSS while increasing safety.

OFFSET MEASURING Simply target the offset point and transfer necessary information via one click to the Zeno 20 where the offset point is generated in the user defined coordinate system.

Different to compass-based solutions, the gamtec benefits from direction readings achieving much higher accuracies, which are further improved through stable tripod setup. Safely and accurately do offset measurements from one setup location while increasing productivity.

  • Removes the limitation of GNSS and close gaps in GNSS-denied areas
  • Maintain very high accuracy through mechanical angular reading, stable setup and highly accurate setup positioning
  • Increase safety - no need to cross a street or to stand on a busy street to measure


Leica CS25 Plus

Leica CS25 Plus Rugged Tablet

Leica CS25 plus Rugged Tablet Computer available in two different variants, the CS25 plus or CS25 LRBT. State of the art technology Running a Windows 7 Ultimate OS allows you to trade in your desktop PC for a rugged tablet, having it with you wherever you work.

  • 17.8 cm/7 inch sunlight readable touchscreen
  • New 128 GB SSD hard drive
  • Integrated GPS, 3.75G modem, WiFi
  • Ultra-rugged design with all-day-batteries
  • New Dual-Core processor at 1.6 GHz
  • RAM size (4 GB) and disk space (128 GB)
  • New LAN Gigabit Ethernet
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • New SD Card expansion slot
  • 3G antenna with two integrated GSM antennas

Designed for versatility
Integrate into the Leica Geosystems family of mobile solutions. Choose the field software, GNSS accuracy and the setup (pole or backpack) to suit your workflow and budget.

  • Ready-to-use with Leica Zeno Field, Zeno Connect and Leica MobileMatriX
  • Ready-to-use with the GNSS SmartAntenna – the Leica Zeno GG03
  • Use Zeno Connect to embed custom applications into CS25 and Zeno GG03

Leica CS25 LRBT
One of the highlights of the CS25 LRBT rugged tablet computer is the fully integrated data transfer via a Long Range Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. Now it is possible to perform an object-oriented survey in one-man operation, together with e.g. Leica MobileMatriX, without the need for external separate wireless radios, over a distance of up to 350 m (1150 ft).


Leica CS35
Don’t just see data, experience data.

Leica CS35 Plus Rugged Tablet

The Leica CS35’s slim yet robust design and high performance allow you to work comfortably and at speed. Interact with data like never before with the large screen visible in all conditions. Running Windows, the Leica CS35 with Intel ® Core™ Processor can fit your entire office into one device with the added bonus of complete mobility. Completely immerse yourself in the data and hold the power to master any job in your hands with the tablet’s: Turbo Boost with wider 10.1" screen, Leica Captivate Software Installed, working with the CS35 connected to a Leica Viva or Nova total station, the robotic working range can be extended to almost the double using the CTR35 radio device,


Leica CS20

Leica CS25 Plus Rugged Tablet

Leica CS20 3.75G/CDMA Disto Field Controller Wider Screen, Clearer Data, Power in Your Hands The new Leica Captivate CS20 controller gives you complete control of your entire office on the go. Through the simplicity of touch, management of complex data is made extraordinarily enjoyable and actionable.

Ruggedized WinEC7 field controller features:

• Full 5" WVGA touch display
• 2 GB eMMC flash memory
• 1 GB SDRAM and SD card slot
• 5MP camera and LED flash
• Combined CDMA/3.75G module
I• nternal Bluetooth/WLAN module
• QWERTY keypad and stylus

Download: CS20 and CS35 Datasheet

Leica CS15 and CS10

Leica CS25 Plus Rugged Tablet

Designed for extreme environments, you can always rely on your CS15 and CS10 field controllers. They are comfortable to hold and easy-to-use, making them your perfect partner on site. The Viva CS15 and CS10 controllers are perfectly designed to be used with SmartWorx Viva surveying software. With clear graphics, practical menu structures, understandable terminology and simplified workflows, save time and effort on any site. SmartWorx Viva is incredibly easy to learn and use. You and your field crew will be up to speed in no time.

Work how you like
Designed as part of the Leica Viva series, the CS15 and CS10 are versatile controllers to work with many instruments and software combinations:

• Ideal for use with all Leica Viva and Nova series total stations and GNSS sensors
• Perfectly designed to be used with SmartWorx Viva surveying software
• Powerful ARM core processor for many software applications
• Flexible communication and data handling
• Stay connected with a wide range of communication and data storage options. With fully integrated wireless Intenna technology (Bluetooth®, GSM/UMTS 3.5G, WiFi), a choice of two connector modules and data storage using an SD card or USB memory stick, your Viva CS15 and CS10 are ready for all challenges on site and in the office.


Leica CS25 GNSS plus High-Accuracy Tablet

Leica Viva Geo Office

The industry’s most powerful GNSS handheld: The Leica Zeno CS25 GNSS plus is a high-accuracy tablet computer which packs full GNSS functionality into an ergonomic and highly portable device. The CS25 GNSS plus doesn´t require an external antenna, backpack, pole mount or any additional batteries - all you need in one device.

Unique combination of high-accuracy GNSS and a rugged tablet computer
The CS25 GNSS plus packs full GNSS functionality into an ergonomic portable device – making it the industry’s most powerful GNSS handheld. The CS25 GNSS plus supports two setups, as a handheld with a compact antenna mounted on the CS25 GNSS plus or as a pole setup with an external GNSS Antenna.

  • As handheld: <10 cm accuracy. With external AS10: centimetre accuracy
  • Access Reference Stations with integrated modem to achieve submetre to cm accuracy
  • Huge data storage space of 128 GB on SSD and up to 2 TB on an optional SD card

Designed for versatility
Integrate your Leica Geosystems tablet computer into the family of mobile solutions. Choose the field software, GNSS accuracy and the setup to suit your workflow and budget.

Excellent sunlight readability and ergonomics
Equipped with a 7" color transflective touchscreen that can be operated by finger or stylus. The display has been designed for optimal viewing, to be sunlight readable and backlit for darker conditions.

  • Fully rugged (IP65 and drop protected), and large screen for comfortable viewing
  • Hot swappable battery for continuous use
  • Best mobility, as no poles are required to achieve dm–cm accuracy

Full Windows® 7 environment
CS25 GNSS plus includes the latest wireless communication technology, allowing GNSS-supported mapping applications with direct access to the office.

  • Integrated high-speed communication standards (GSM/UMTS/CDMA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®)
  • Windows® 7 Ultimate OS allowing simple and familiar use


Leica Zeno 5 Rugged entry-level GIS handheld with phone capabilities

Leica Zeno5 GIS Collector

The Leica Zeno 5 packs full functionality into an ergonomic device , making it a powerful and rugged GPS handheld with full phone functionality. Featuring a high-speed processor, the Zeno 5 delivers uncompromised performance, fully integrated into the Zeno GIS series.

  • Seamless software integration in office and field workflows for asset data collection
  • Full Zeno Field and Zeno Office support, including post processing of Zeno 5 internal GPS data
  • Support of third party software running on the Zeno 5 via Zeno Connect

Optimal viewing experience, ergonomics and ruggedness
Equipped with a 3.7-inch VGA color transflective touchscreen that can be operated by finger or stylus. The display has been designed for optimal viewing, to be sunlight readable and backlit for darker conditions.

  • Pocket-size, extremely lightweight and rugged (IP54 & drop protected), designed for one-handed operation
  • Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 OS, allowing simple and intuitive use

Latest technology to support your field work
The Zeno 5 includes the latest wireless communication technology, light sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass, Wi-Fi and GPS, allowing GPS-supported mapping applications with direct access to the office.

  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver supporting 2 – 5 m positional accuracy
  • High-speed communication standards (GSM/UMTS/CDMA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®)


xPLORE Rugged Tablet PCs

Leica Zeno5 GIS Collector

The XC6 Series - DM & DML Dual-Mode Rugged Tablet PCs

  • Beyond MIL-STD-810G Testing - 7’ Drop Spec
  • 4th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor (DM) or Intel Celeron Processor (DML)
  • Resistive Multi-Touch Display for Glove-Touch and Operation in Wet Conditions
  • Full Shift Battery Life: Up to 8.5 Hours
  • Single or Dual RAID Configurable SSDs: Up to 256 GB
  • HazLoc Certified for Explosion-Prone Environments
  • Designed for In-Field Upgrades to Reduce Costs
  • Active Cooling Industrial Sealed Fan
  • Full Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 Pro & Windows® 7 Pro
  • Comprehensive Communications Suite

The XC6 DM Ultra Rugged Industrial Tablet PCs
The XC6 DM ultra rugged industrial Windows tablet offers the same durability as other XC6 models, but at a lower cost. With a glove touch display suited for ambient lighting conditions, the DM is optimized for indoor industrial work.

The XC6 DMSR Ultra Rugged Sunlight Readable Tablet PC
As the most rugged Windows® tablet on the market, the XC6 DMSR is ideal for industrial and outdoor environments. Powered by a 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor, the high-performance rugged tablet features a direct sunlight readable display, as well as an innovative resisitive multi-touch interface to make running your toughest applications easier than ever- no matter how extreme the environment.

For all your xPLORE Accessories, such as the Passive iX104 Stylus Pen call Northern Survey Supply at 1.800.461.3223 ( Xplore's xStand Desktop Docking System, Xplore PVC Computer Case, Battery Li-Ion 68Wh (1X104 C5) Dual Bay Charger for iX104 Battery and more.


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