Customer Care Packages

Customer Care Packages (CCPs) bundle Product Care and Customer Care together to ensure you achieve maximum value from your investment. When you buy a CCP from Leica Geosystems, you have peace of mind that nothing stands between you and your productivity. Our global network of professional support and service teams supports you in the way that matters most to you.

It does not matter if you have a big team or a small one or whether your employees are experienced or new. Whether you have complex projects or simply want to optimise basic daily tasks, Leica Geosystems’ Active Customer Care has a package for every customer. From basic to advanced requirements, we commit to stand behind you.

These packages are delivered by a global network of professional support engineers and service technicians. They are available for total stations, GNSS systems, digital levels, controllers, and 3D laser scanners and software.

CCPs are available for different durations and coverage levels

Customer Support
Direct hotline and web-based support from our
specialists for:

  • Operational questions
  • Equipment configuration
  • Issues & general advice

Hardware Maintenance
Professional preventative maintenance that helps to:

  • Minimise downtime & repairs
  • Ensure reliable operation
  • Confirm accuracy

Local Benefits
Each sales office enhances the standard
Customer Care Package with:

  • Local resources
  • Delivery networks
  • Local language and knowledge of local methods

Software Maintenance
Maximise productivity by staying up to date with:

  • Performance improvements
  • Application enhancements
  • New Software features

Extended Warranty
Extend coverage beyond the standard warranty:

  • Security for unforeseen failures
  • Avoid unplanned costs
  • Up to five years coverage

Online Training
Leica Geosystems has developed an online learning
platform to support with:

  • Increase customer product knowledge
  • Mazimise instruments utilization
  • The trainings are available to all customers with a myWorld account.

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