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Benefit from the quality, precision and reliability of Leica Geosystems Original Accessories – perfectly suited for Leica Geosystems measuring equipment. Leica Geosystems Original Accessories now come with unique security codes that guarantee that what you bought is truly a part of a genuine Leica Geosystems’ solution. Looking for full Accessories Catalogue? Click here

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Eyepieces and Lenses
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Tribrach Adapters

Leica Tribrachs

Leica Tribrachs

Similarly to the stability of the tripod, that of the tribrach is a significant factor in measurement accuracy. The torsional rigidity, the most important criterion of a tribrach, is constantly controlled and tested during its production. The maintenance-free foot screws of the Leica Geosystems tribrach provide movement that is always smooth and free of play, even after years of use. The precise alignment of the support area to the base plate of the instrument assures extremely accurate forced centring. The optical plummet is so robust that the need for adjustment during the entire lifetime of the tribrach is practically unnecessary. Its construction predestines the tribrach for all applications, including extreme temperatures and high dust and humidity.

All original tribrachs comply with the strict specifications and quality standards of Leica Geosystems. Your choice should ideally be made according to your individual accuracy requirements.

Professional 5000:
Hysteresis maximum of 1" (0.3 mgon) or better
Professional 3000:
Hysteresis maximum of 3" (1.0 mgon)
Professional 1000:
Hysteresis maximum of 5" (1.5 mgon)

The torsional rigidity of the original
The accuracy with which a tribrach returns to its starting position once the instrument has stopped, is called torsional rigidity or hysteresis. This hysteresis is the relative movement between the top plate and the base plate of a tribrach that occurs through the rotation of a TPS instrument. The hysteresis has direct influence on the angular accuracy of the instrument – and that speaks for the original. To optimise the hysteresis as Leica Geosystems has done is complex and calls for the highest precision: a movement of the upper plate to the lower plate of 0.3μm corresponds to an angle error of 1”. Especially motorised instruments with their high acceleration and brake power require tribrachs with very high torsional rigidity.


Professional 5000 GDF321/322

Leica GDF321 Tribrach

GDF321, Tribrach without Plummet: High accuracy, maintenance free tribrach. Individually tested. Suitable for all high angular accuracy requirements. Torsional stiffness <1", weight 760 grams (1.72 lb). Order No: 777 508

GDF322, Tribrach with Optical Plummet: High accuracy, maintenance free tribrach. Individually tested. The optical plummet is of robust construction, virtually eliminating the need for adjustment during the lifetime of the tribrach. Torsional stiffness <1", weight 850 grams (1.90 lb). Order No: 777 509


Professional 3000GDF111-1/111-2

Leica Tribrachs GDF111

GDF111-1, Tribrach without Plummet: Suitable for TPS instruments with an angular accuracy of greater than 3". The footscrews have a large diameter which permits fine adjustment even when wearing work gloves. Torsional stiffness <3", weight 780 grams (1.72 lb). Order No: 748 888

GDF112-1, Tribrach with Optical Plummet: The tribrach and optical plummet are of robust construction and suitable for long period exposure in all environments. This makes the GDF112 ideal for GNSS and backsights and control points. Torsional stiffness <3", weight 840 grams (1.48 lb). Order No: 798 181


Leica Professional 1000 GDF101/102

Leica Tribrachs GDF101

GDF101, Tribrach without Plummet: A cost effective tribrach suitable for use in normal environments. Suitable for all light-weight instruments of low angular accuracy. Black colour. Torsional stiffness <5", weight 780 grams (1.72 lb). Order No: 726 839

GDF102 Tribrach with Optical Plummet: A cost effective tribrach with optical plummet suitable for use in normal environments. Suitable for GNSS stations. Black colour. Torsional <5", weight 860 grams (1.90 lb). Order No: 726 840


Leica Carriers

Leica Carriers

Like all other Leica Geosystems Accessories, the Original carriers distinguish themselves through outstanding quality features. The high precision carriers of the Professional 5000 Series offer you a choice between a carrier with laser plummet, or optical plummet and longitudinal bubble for high accuracy positioning. 

Professional 5000 carriers deliver an outstanding 0.3 mm centring accuracy. The carriers of the Professional 3000 Series offer a centring accuracy of 1.0 mm.

Professional 5000:
Outstanding 0.3 mm centring accuracy
Professional 3000:
1.0 mm centring accuracy

Leica Professional 5000 SNLL121

Leica Carriers SNLL121

SNLL121, Precision Carrier with Laser Plummet: The laser provides convenient setting up even in conditions of poor visibility. Supplied with 4x AA-size alkaline batteries. Reflector centring accuracy 0.3mm, plummet accuracy 1.0mm at 1.5m. Order No: 667 316

Leica Professional 5000 GZR3

Leica Carriers

GZR3, Precision Carrier with Optical Plummet: With high accuracy optical plummet and longitudinal bubble for exact positioning over measurement points. Reflector centring accuracy 0.3mm, plummet accuracy 0.5mm at 1.5m.
Order No: 428 340

Leica Professional 3000 GRT144

Leica Carriers GRT144

GRT144, Carrier with Stub: Simple carrier for use in tribrachs with optical plummet. Suitable for reflectors with stub fitting. Centring accuracy 1.0mm. Order No: 667 313


Leica Carriers

GRT146, Carrier with 5/8" Thread: Simple carrier for use in tribrachs with optical plummet. For direct fitting of GNSS antennas. Centring accuracy 1.0mm.Order No: 667 216


Leica Carriers

GZR103, Carrier with Optical Plummet:Rotatable carrier with longitudinal bubble for use in tribrachs without plummet. Reflector centring accuracy 1.0mm, plummet accuracy 0.5mm at 1.5m.Order No: 725 566


Leica Carriers

GRT247, Carrier with 5/8" Thread for GS15: Simple carrier for use in tribrachs with optical plummet. For direct fitting of GS15 GNSS receiver. Centring accuracy 1.0mm. Order No: 770 715


Leica Reflective Targets

Leica Reflector Targets

Leica's inexpensive tape targets are vailable in different design and size.The GZM series of Reflective Targets are fully compatible with Leica TDM5005 and Leica TDA5005 and can be applied for both standard applications and manual measurements.

763532 Leica GZM29 Retro Reflective Target
SIZE: 20 x 20mm, for measurements up to 100m.Self-adhesive, reflective targets supplied in a pack of 20 pieces.

763533 Leica GZM30 Retro Reflective Target
SIZE: 40 x 40mm, for measurements up to 200m. Self-adhesive, reflective targets supplied in a pack of 20 pieces.

763534 Leica GZM31 Retro Reflective Target
SIZE: 60 x 60mm, for measurements up to 250m.Self-adhesive, reflective targets supplied in a pack of 20 pieces.



Leica Reflectors

Leica Reflectors

The range of a prism results from, among other things, its coating and the glass geometry. A number of Original prisms from Leica Geosystems have a special coating on the reflective surfaces – the Anti-Reflex Coating, and a copper coating on the reverse side. Without these, the range of distance measuring, ATR and Powersearch would be reduced by up to 30%. The workmanship and the durability of the copper coating are decisive for a long life. The glass dimensions, the position in the holder and with it the areal orientation, are important for measuring accuracy.

Leica Geosystems offers a transparent selection of prisms in various sizes for different areas of application. These are standard prisms, special prisms, mini prisms as well as monitoring prisms.

Professional 5000:
Professional 3000:
Professional 1000:

Measurement errors occur if Original prism holders are not used. Substitutes are not configured according to Leica Geosystems criterion and often exhibit displacement between prism, holder and recording pin. The holder and the prism constitute a unit with which the centring and repeat accuracy is defined. The smallest dimensional change in the geometry of a glass prism or on the holder can lead to a deviation from the centring axis and thereby create measurement errors.

The beam deviation of a prism defines the its maximum range, according to the principle "entering beam should equal the exiting beam". The smaller the beam deviation (measured in angle seconds), the greater the directly reflected signal strength to the sender optic. The returned signal quality defines the maximum range of a measurement.

In contrast to many conventional prisms, the reflective copper coating on the reverse side of Original prisms consists of a support coating, a vacuum-metallised copper coating, a protective coating and an overlying coat of lacquer. The special adhesive lacquer protects the underlying layers from corrosion and detachment. Working together, the copper coating and the lacquer increase the life of the prism significantly. An additional anti-reflex coating on the sensitive front surface of the prism provides a tough resistance to scratches. The production process of these coatings is so complex that only a very few manufacturers worldwide meet the requirements of Leica original prisms.

Measurement errors occur frequently at close ranges when prisms without anti-reflex coating are used, as the front of a prism always directly reflects a certain percentage of a signal. Errors occur in the use of prisms without copper coating on the back side when moisture droplets accumulate or the prism becomes foggy. Leica Geosystems therefore uses either the stated reflective coating or a patented system for the prevention of fogging and condensation.

Visit our Prisms and Reflectors Page for full selection of Prisms and Prism Accessories


Leica Batteries and Chargers

Leica Batteries and Chargers

Experience shows that instruments and their electronics react sensitively and need a reliable power supply in all environmental conditions. Batteries and chargers are also exposed to these conditions which is why the quality and efficiency of the originals also counts for batteries and chargers.

Leica Geosystems offers you a wide palette of high-value chargers and batteries. For chargers, you have the choice between the Professional 5000 Series with high functionality and intelligence and the Professional 3000 and 1000 Series, the cost effective alternatives with less function, but outstanding quality and security.

Professional 5000: INTELLIGENT CHARGER
Professional 1000: SIMPLE CHARGER

Chargers and batteries from Leica Geosystems are perfectly matched to each other and to the instruments, and reliably secure the power supply in the field. They achieve best values in regard to temperature tolerance, re-charging capability, operating time and cycle behaviour.


  • Only brand battery cells
  • Integrated microchip for intelligent charging
  • Integrated temperature sensor as protection against over-heating
  • Integrated protection against short circuits
  • Gold-coated contacts
  • IP 54 tested against rain and splash water
  • Resilience against high mechanical influences
  • Electronics protect against deep discharge and current peaks on charging, that could damage the batteries



Data Transfer Cables - Highest security even under extreme conditions

Leica Data Transfer Cable

The Leica Geosystems accessory program includes data transfer cables, power tension cables and antenna cables of the highest quality. For data transfer, Leica Geosystems offers serial and USB data cables. The data transfer over the cable from and to the instrument is therefore extremely reliable and secure, even in extreme heat, cold, snow and rain.

All Leica Geosystems cables are equipped with LEMO® plugs for outdoor use. The precision connections of recognised market leaders are found not only at Leica Geosystems, but also in other applications where similar quality demands are made, such as aviation, aerospace and medical technologies. A further significant quality component of the Leica Geosystems cable is its casing. It is constructed so that the cable can be stored at temperatures from –40°C to +70°C and functions reliably at operating temperatures from -20°C to +55°C while remaining elastic in handling. Last but not least, although not visible from the exterior, it is the cable material that determines the security of data transfer. The original cable contains only high-value cable casing, tested shielding and highly conductive copper litz wires. In other cables, such as “Leica-like” replicas, quite inferior value cable material, sometimes even with aluminium litz wires, is used. This aspect alone can lead to strong disturbances and transfer errors.


Leica Data Transfer Cables

Data Media Storage and Card Readers

Leica Data Storage

Leica Geosystems storage media are perfectly matched to Leica Geosystems instruments and sensors. Compared to conventional devices on the market, that read or write single data, these instruments have a different functional principle. The TPS or GNSS instruments create a database on the memory card and switch constantly between different open files. Standard memory cards are unable to manage this required multi-tasking function. This leads to problems in data communication and is one of the main causes of data loss. Furthermore, the original storage media also function with highest reliability in extreme temperatures, handling shock and high humidity.




Leica Data Storage MSD1000

MSD1000, SD memory card 1GB
Secure Digital memory card. capacity 1GB. These ruggedized industrial card protect data even when dropped and in extreme environmental conditions.
Order No: 767 856


Leica Data Storage MMSD01

MMSD01, Micro SD Memory Card 1 GB
Micro secure digital card, capacity 1 GB. These ruggedized industrial card protect data even when dropped and in extreme environmental conditions.
Order No: 795 993


Leica Data Storage MCF256

MCF256 CompactFlash card 256MB
Compact Flash memory card. Capacity 256 MB. These ruggedized industrial card protect data even when dropped and in extreme environmental conditions.
Order No: 733 257


Leica Data Storage MFC1000

 MCF1000 CompactFlash card 1GB
Compact Flash memory card. Capacity 1GB. These ruggedized industrial card protect data even when dropped and in extreme environmental conditions.
Order No: 745 995


Leica Data Storage MCFAD1

MCFAD1, CF-Card Adapter
Adapts a CompactFlash card to PCMCIA size. Allows use of the 32MB CF-card in DNA, GPS500 and TPS1100 instruments.
Order No: 733 258


Leica Data Storage MS1 USB Memory

MS1, 1 GB USB Memory Stick
Ruggedized USB-Stick in metal housing. Industrial standard with highest data security and reliability at extreme environmental conditions.
Order No: 765 199


Leica Data Storage MCR7

MCR7 USB card reader for SD and CF cards
Omnidrive card reader for SD and CF cards. Guaranteed secure data transfers with USB connection to all PC operating systems.
Order No: 767 895


LS/DNA levelling staffs

Consistent precision even under extreme conditions

Leica LS/DNA levelling staffs

The choice between the Professional 5000 and Professional 3000 Series is based on the application and the associated demands on consistent high precision. The Invar levelling staffs of the 5000 Series, for example, distinguish themselves through a minimal thermal expansion coefficient. The levelling staffs of the 3000 Series are made of fibreglass, or aluminium and are well suited for all common applications.


For full line of Leica LS/DNA Levelling Staffs, click here!


Crain CR Series Leveling Rods

crain lelvelling rods

Crains durable CR Series Leveling Rods are constructed of non-conductive fiberglass and are rectangular in shape with rounded back corners for a better grip. The scale width is graduated to fill the entire face of the rod and the CRs are equipped with stand-off ribs that protect the scale from wear. CR Series rods have a leveling scale on one side and measuring scale on the other side. The measuring scale on the CR rods allows the user to read the overall height at eye level, and can be used to make clearance and height measurements. The CR Series Leveling Rods are rectangular (square) in shape. The CR Series will accept all lasers without a need for a separate bracket to mount the sensor. The sensor clamps directly to the rod without an adapter and there are no dead spots, even at the top of the sections.

• Llaser sensor clamps mount directly to the rod.
• Scales are glare-resistant and wear protected.
• Measuring scale allows user to read overall height measurements at eye-level.
• CR Series leveling rods are water-proof and corrosion-resistant.
• Reliable, unbreakable buttons securely lock sections together.
• Easily removable locking mechanisms
• Detectors can attach anywhere along the Crain Rod.
• The CR Series is non-conductive, and will not dent, gall, or kink.
• Constructed of rugged non-conductive fiberglass .
• 1/2 x 20 thread in the top section (adapter available for 5/8 x 11" ).

Leica Tripods

Leica Tripods

The most important criterion for a good tripod is its stability, quite explicitly, the torsional rigidity. With that, a very valuable, but not the only, argument for the original tripod from Leica Geosystems has been named. Other substantial benefits are the height stability under load and the minimal horizontal drift. Also not to be underestimated are advantages such as long life, optimal vibration dampening, water resistance, outstanding behaviour in solar radiation and their weight in relation to load-bearing capacity.

The right tripod choice is decisive if the indicated accuracy of an instrument is to be reached. The classification "heavy duty" and "light duty" is widely based on ISO Norm 12858-2.

Professional 5000: Tripod - Heavy Duty
Professional 3000: Tripod - Light Duty
Professional 1000: Tripod - All-Round

Leica Geosystems tripods are manufactured solely from wood or aluminium. Wood, especially the beech and pine used by Leica Geosystems, offers the best stability values, measured on vertical movement and horizontal drift over time. Wood also exhibits optimal vibration characteristics and therefore delivers substantial benefits, especially in the use of motorised TPS. The surfaces of the wooden tripods are sealed several times to prevent moisture absorption and to maximum longevity. Aluminium tripods are robust and save weight, their range of application is however limited.



Leica Diagonal Eyepieces and Ancillary Lenses
GFZ4T, Diagonal Eyepiece

Leica GRZ4T Diagonal Eyepiece

GFZ4T, Diagonal Eyepiece
For comfortable obersvations of steep sights, up to the zenith. With thread connection. Fits only for Flexline plus TS02+. No counterweight needed.
Order No: 793 978


GFZ23 Diagonal Eyepiece

Leica GFZ3 Diagonal Eyepiece

GFZ3, Diagonal Eyepiece
For comfortable observations of steep sights, up to the zenith. Fits all TPS instruments. Includes objective counterweight.
Order No: 793 979


GOK6 Diagonal Eyepiece


Leica GOK6 Diagonal Eyepiece

GOK6, Diagonal Eyepiece
For comfortable observations of steep sights, up to 66°. Has a variable joint for the adjusting the sighting angle. Fits all TPS instruments. Includes objective counterweight.
Order No: 376 236

GVO13 Solar Filter

Leica GVO13 Solar Filter

GVO13, Solar Filter
Attaches to the objective of all TPS instruments. Protects eyesight and EDM electronics when sighting bright objects.
Order No: 743 504

GOA2 Autocollimation Eyepiece

Leica Tripods

GOA2, Autocollimation Eyepiece
To perform autocollimation with any TPS instrument. The 394787 GEB62 Plug-in Lamp and 394792 GEB63 Battery Box are additionally required.
Order No: 199 899

FOK53 Magnification Eyepiece

Leica Tripods

FOK53, Magnification Eyepiece
Exchangable eyepiece for increasing telescope magnification to 42x (Requires fitting by a Leica Geosystems Service Centre).
Order No: 377 802

GSK1 Set cover for eyepiece and lense

GSK1 set cover for eyepiece and lense

 GSK1, Set cover for eyepiece and lens
Fits all TPS Instruments.
Order No: 799220


SECO Tribrach Adapters

seco tribrach adapters and GPS carriers

Tribrach Adapters and GPS Carriers

A456 32mm Rotatable Tribrach Adapter
2010-00 Fixed Tribrach Adapter
FPT247-BLK Fixed Tribrach Adapter & GPS Carrier
2021-00 Horizontal Base
A452 Non Rotatable Tribrach Adapter
A455 Rotating Lockl Screw Tribrach Adapter
2020-00 Rotating Tribrach Adapter
2070-00 Rotating Swiss-Style Tribrach Adapter
A458 Slim Rotatable Tribrach Adapter
2153-10-050 Tribrach Adapter 5/8th x 11 to Bayonet
2153-10-051 Quick Release Adapter to Bayonet
A451 Wild-Zeiss Adapter

As an 'Authorized Distributor' for SECO we invite you to check out their full line of products. Browse here: SECO site

Poles - Lightweight constuction, high stability, robust quality

Leica GNSS Poles

Using a professional surveying pole is essential if you want to gain the accuracy needed in today’s data collection. Due to the use of materials such as carbon and aluminium, the original GNSS poles from Leica Geosystems offer an optimal balance of weight, stability and longevity.

According to series and model, they are available either with a tip made of Widia®, an extremely hard carbide material, or with interchangeable tips. Their construction allows simple handling with high application steadiness.


Bags & Containers

Maximum protection for instruments and accessories

Leica Container Bags

Valuable, sensitive instruments and accessories are optimally protected in Leica Geosystems containers and bags. The hard-shell cases are subjected to drop tests and protect the contents with against drops, dust and splashing water. At the same time, the containers and bags are designed for maximum protection and the best possible carrying comfort. For full selection visit our Containers & Bags page


Marking paint, stakes, flags and tape Call 1800.461.3223 for info

Surveying Marking Tape, flags, stakes and paint

Marking Paint by Nelson Paint Company and Rustoleum

Nelson Paint Company has more than 70 years of paint marking experience that goes into their full lines of tree marking paint, industrial paint and household paint products. Nelson Paint manufactures paint designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions using formulas designed to survive blistering heat, arctic cold, bone-dry and super-humid conditions for any industrial application. Every Nelson Paint product is manufactured to provide the highest quality and best value for our customers. Nelson uses more pigments and solids in their paint than other manufacturers to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their products. We also carry a comprehensive line of Rustoluem marking paints. Call us at 1.800.461.3223 to find the right paint for your job.

Marking Stake Flags. Our highly visible stake flags measure 30" with a 4"x5" plastic flag (also available in 36") Stakes come in bundles of 100 with 10 bundles per box.

Hi-Visibility Arctic Fluorescent Flagging Tape from Presco. Guaranteed colourfestness will exceed one year with pliability up to minus 43 degrees. Roll measures 1" x 125' with 10 rolls per sleeve / 100 rolls per box

• Polyethylene Cotton Rolls (3"x1000') (3"x50 yds)rust
• Yellow CAUTION PSC B3102Y16362



Surveying Scales and Rulers

CTHKT-90 Triangle Set Features 6" - 45˚/90˚, 8"-30˚/60˚, Inch/Metric calibrations. Cut out center with finger lifts. Beveled edge
CTHGR-2 UTM Grid Reader, with metric scales: 1:24,000, 1:62,500, 1:25,000, 1:100,000, 1:150,000 and 1:63,360, scale also incorporates full 360°
C7512 Flat Convsersion Scale 4-Bevel C7512 is a special, 4-bevel flat 12" scale, made to convert metric/imperial readings on drawings etc. Individually packed in plastic pouch. Scale: 1:5, 1:10, 1:20, 1:50 and 1:100 feet/inch
CTHW38 C Thru Pocket Scale w/180° protractor, 10ths and 20ths to the inch scales, 6"
CTHW39 C Thru Pocket Scale w/180° protractor, 20ths and 40ths to the inch scales, 6"
CTHW44 C Thru Protractor Ruler - Transparent 180° protractor with scales 1:250 metres. Size:15cm
CTH10030 Miruki Protractor/Scale - Clear plastic mining scale with 1:50,000 UTM grid locator and the following metric scales: 1:10,000 1:50,000 1:125,000 1:250,000 features a 180 protractor
98718-4 30 cm Triangular Scale: 1:100, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500
98718-34 12" Triangular Scale Imperial:10, 30, 40, 50, 60
98718-3 30 cm Triangular Scale (198718-3): 1:20, 25, 30, 50, 75, 100


Paint Poles and Paint Pole Extensions
Call 1800.461.3223 for info and pricing

Paint Pole Extensions from Northern Survey Supply

Paint Poles and Extensions - Made with lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum, spray can holders help mark “Out Of Reach” areas overhead and over holes. Eliminates the need for ladders, loader buckets, scissor lifts or basket lifts which would also require an additional employee and delay the production these machines were designed to perform. Used in Mining, Geology, Surveying and Electrical to mark a variety of locations for various reasons. Paint Poles come bifold or trifold 8', 12', 15', 16' and 20' lengths.

We also have 24" Rust-Oleum Professional Marking Wands for easy, upright site marking. For quick convenience with no mess these wants have a comfortable grip, are lightweight yet durable made from steel and plastic construction.

Paint Poles and Paint Pole Extensions
Call 1800.461.3223 for info and pricing

Paint Pole Extensions from Northern Survey Supply

16-200 Paint Pole Extension 8” bi-fold
16-201 Paint Pole Extension 12” bi-fold
16-202 Paint Pole Extension 15” bi-fold
16-203 Paint Pole Extension 12” tri-fold
16-204 Paint Pole Extension 15” tri-fold
16-205 Paint Pole Extension 16” quad-fold
16-206 Paint Pole Extension 20” quad-fold

EM236 -12 Power Lock Pole Extension with Spray Can Pole Adapter.
This pole is 6' feet in length extending up to 12'.

EM236 -16 Power Lock Pole Extension with Spray Can Pole Adapter.
This pole is 8' feet in length extending up to 16'.

EM236 Spray Can Pole Adapter

100077744 6' - 12' Pin Lock Aluminium / Fiberglass Pole
100677745 8' - 12' Pin Lock Aluminium / Fiberglass Pole


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