Used Surveying Gear

Used gear frm Northern Survey. This page is updated often so check back frequently for fire sale deals. Please note that all our equipment is 'as is'. To ensure you receive exactly what you need, please call our sales team at 705.744.3246.

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ALT Laser Theodolite

ALT-05L 5' Laser Theodolite with adjustable laser, dual LCD display. Comes with original case.

PRICE (CAD): $1,395

Trimble AL24A

Used Trimble Spectra Precision AL24A Automatic with case
PRICE (CAD): $200

FUTTURA 2" Reflectorless Total Station

TS-100 FUTTURA 2" Reflectorless Total Station, 30x, 200m reflectorless range, IP54, 2 keyboards
PRICE (CAD): $2,995

Used Leica TS06

Leica TS06 FlexLine ManualTotal Station
PRICE (CAD): $5,795

TS06 FlexLine Package kit
• TS06 3" (1mgon) Total Station, 1 alpha numeric keyboard, user manual and container
• Leica Flex Line Instrument CD
• GTS26- 2nd keyboard, alpha numeric for TS0X instruments, for telescope position 2, fitted.
• User Manual FlexLine TS02-06-09 V1.0, en
• GSD04 Comm. Sidecover for TS02/06/09
• FlexLine QuckGuide TS02-06-09, en

CST Burger Automatic Level

Used CST berger Automatic Level
PRICE (CAD): $200

Sokkia SET 610 Total Station

Used SOKKIA SET610 Total Station
PRICE (CAD): $1,995

Archer 2 Data Collector

Used Archer 2 Data Collector

• MICROHW-AR2-CDN ARS-S Archer 2 Standard with WiFi/BT
• Pole Bracket Assembly, open clamp, plain
• Quick Release Cradle for Archer 2

PRICE (CAD): $200

iStar Fusion Camera

UsedSTAR Fusion Camera
• iStar Fusion Camera
• Customized Case
• External 12V Battery Pack & Charger
• Leica Spacer Rod (C10 & Pxx)
• Tribrach Puck
• NCTech ColourCloud Basic
PRICE (CAD): $8,995

iStar Pulsar Camera

Used iSTAR Pulsar Camera
Includes: Camera w/charger and accesories
PRICE (CAD): $2,995

Archer MESA 2 STD

Used MESA 2 STD + Camera & GNSS + Cell w/Field Genius Software Standard
PRICE (CAD): $2,995

Leica TCR 1205 R300

Leica TCR1205 R300 Total Station package kit

Includes: 1 TCR1205 R300 Total Station with reflectorless EDM
PRICE (CAD): $11,995

Leica TS02

Used Leica TS02 Manual Total Station
PRICE (CAD): $4,597

Leica CS35

Used Leica CS35-3 Controller Tablet package kit

• CA, Ruggedized Win8.1 Pro 64-bit Tablet Computer including: 10" touch-widescreen, 128 GB SSD hard drive, 4 GB SDRAM, WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, 3G Integrated Mobile Broadband module, Bluetooth v4.0, Stylus, Integrated GPS, 1x Battery (4.4Ah) AC/DC adaptor and 5MP camera with flash.
• GEB235, Lithium-Ion battery, 10.8 V/4.1 Ah, rechargeable, for CS35 Tablet.
• GHT78, Tablet holder for attaching a CS35 Tablet with a GHT63 clamp to a pole.
• SPF06 CS35 Display protection foil
•-eica Captivate Measure & Stakeout CS35

PRICE (CAD): $4,995

Leica CS35

Used Leica TCR 1105 Plus Reflectorless Total Station Extended Range

PRICE (CAD): $500

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