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Wall Mount Prisms, Monopods & Accessories

Still reaching for the BACK?
If you're still hanging plumb bobs and string, surveying doesn't have to be that difficult. Wall Mount Prisms allow all surveyors to secure control points at a comfortable and accessible height while increasing accuracy and speed of use. All grade lines and azimuth are easily established using proven calculation techniques at a fraction the time reducing down time for your mining crews.

The New Era of “Tunnel Measuring”
Mechanized mining techniques have created the need of navigating underground more efficiently with reduced overhead costs. Tunnels and drifts underground have increased in size to allow for today's large mechanized machinery making it more difficult for surveyors to reach up and position their control points in the back or (ceilings). Using Wall Mount Prisms and utilizing common Coordinate Geometry techniques frees up the surveyor to place control where ever required at chest height. This simple but revolutionary idea allows surveyors the safety, speed and accuracy for marking up drifts for line, grade, tope and all other mining related surveying tasks.

The system consists of 3/8” stainless steel sleeves which are counter-sunk into the drift wall leaving nothing to be struck or bent. 
The prism adaptors are inserted into the sleeve and have a standard Leica prism mount that adapts to all Leica prisms.  The adaptor shoulder rests on the sleeve providing excellent repeatability.  The only thing left behind in the wall is the stainless steel sleeve.
Installation Procedure
* Drill a 3/8” x 4” hole in the drift wall
* Slide the Stainless Steel Sleeve onto the Setter Tool (pounder)
* Friction fit the sleeve (slightly counter sunk)
* Insert the Stainless Steel Adaptor
* Attach the Leica Prism (see Figure 1)
monopod installation
This new system is being used in dozens of mines with excellent results, offering a simple solution to wall surveying using conventional prisms.  The Leica prism offsets are known entities and listed as options within the Total Station when measuring. 
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GMP101, Mini Prism Set

GMP101, Mini Prism Set
Mini prism mounted in metal holder. Includes a circular bubble, removable target plate, spike and padded bag. Prism constant of +17.5mm, max. IR range of 2000m (7000ft).
641662 $250.00
Stainless Steel Setter Stainless Steel Setter 08-400 $12.00
Stainless Steel Adapter for Leica Prisms Stainless Steel Adapter for Leica Prisms 08-401 $19.00
Stainless Steel Sleeves for wall mount mini prisms from northern survey supply Stainless Steel Sleeves

* 50 sleeves per bundle
* Priced per bundle
08-402 $175.00
stainless steel setters from northern survey supply
Stainless Steel Spads Stainless Steel Spads
These stainless steel spads come in packages of 100 spads per order.
105001100 $75.00
monopod graphic
Item # 99-200
Price: $515.00
What is a Monopod?

A Monopod is a mining Line and Grade tool to be used with a Laser Theodolite or Total Station. The internally threaded Bronze Wall Inserts are drilled (1 ¼”) countersunk into the drift wall, and anchored using Hilti Grout. The Monopod Wall Mount is then threaded into the Wall Insert and becomes a stable platform for a Laser Theodolite, giving miners a coordinated control station to lay out line and grade. The Laser Theodolite displays horizontal angle and percent grade directly on the working face for easy markups.

brass inserts from northern survey
8" Brass Inserts for Monopods / 25 inserts per box


brass insert 18 northern survey
18" Brass Inserts for Monopods / 12 inserts per box
The 18" inserts are used for soft ground applications, such as coal, or when spalling is an issue

Monopod Application
monopod assembly and application
Adhesives, Anchors & Hilti ATC Combihammer
Item Description Product No Price CAD
HPS-1 6/5 x 30 #2 Robertson: Item No.: 00246827 Anchor Impact 6/5 x 30 #2 Robertson HPS-2 (150 per box) used with heavy duty Spads 246827 78.45
HIT-HY 150 MAX MC (11.1 fl oz/330 ml): Item No.: 03412766 Anchor Adhesive HIT-HY 150 MAX/200/1/WH 16.9oz/500 ml (20 per case) Shelf life: 12 mos 283549 1,364.95
Anchor Adhesive HIT 150 MAX (11.1 oz./330ml) (box of 25 tubes) Shelf life: 12 mos 3412766 1,245.00
Anchor Adhesive Mixing Nozzles HY150MAX Anchor Adhesive Mixing Nozzles HY150MAX 337111 3.75
MD 2500 Manual Dispenser: Item No.: 00338853 Anchor Adhesive Dispenser 2029270 179.25
HIT 500 ML Cartridge Holder: Item No.: 00339477 Cartridge Holder for MD2500 for 330ml/500ml tubes 339477 25.85
TE 80 ATC Performance Package (Fixed) TPS Equipped (120 V) includes combo option TE-YX 1 1/4"x15" Hammer drill bit
TE 80 ATC-AVR Performance Package (Flex) TPS Equipped (120 V): Hilti's Active Torque Control (ATC) feature gives the user additional peace of mind by eliminating twisting of the tool if it begins rotating too quickly, such as can occur when the drill bit catches

The TE 80 also incorporates Hilti's Active Vibration Reduction which ensures a higher level of working comfort even during long periods of use. 

Excellent drilling and chiseling capability in concrete and masonry

3438963 3,636.00

Marland "Sharp Survey" System - Swivel Hangers

Great advantage in underground surveying!

Light weight and innovative, the Swivel Hanger from Marland Lasers.(5/8"-11, 1/2"-13, 1/4-20),

1.000m Extension Rods, 1/2-13 female x 5/8-11 male Adapter together with your own Prism of choice, to great advantage in their underground surveying work. While the 1.000m and 0.500m Extension Rods are the standard lengths, we can supply any lengths on a custom basis.

A highly wear-resistant ENGINEERED HARDCOAT ANODIZING (almost black in colour) for the female and male ends of the Extension Rods.

Product No

Price CAD

1/2" - 13 spad hanger


5/8" - 11 spad hanger


1/4" - 20 spad hanger


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