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The Leica Digisystem locators represent the latest design in cable location technology. With state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and intelligent software, the Leica Digisystem makes locating underground cables and pipes a simple and efficient task, increasing your safety on site and ultimately saving you time and money.

Utility Detection Radar

Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar

Leica DS2000 Detection Radar Surveyor

There’s a lot going on underground that you need to know about before you ever start to dig. The Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar finds all potential threats, including non-conductive pipes and fibre optics, increasing safety by lowering the risk of accidently hitting underground assets.

Key benefits:

  • Increase safety when the DS2000 identifies all potential threats
  • Get to assets and recover quicker from outages knowing underground utility assets locations
  • Dual-frequency antenna to detect deep and shallow targets simultaneously
  • Easily collect and understand data with the DS2000’s simple and intuitive software and data storage
  • Simple data storage and export to continue working on the post-processing at the office
  • Effortlessly maneuver around the most challenging sites with the DS2000’s advanced ergonomics

Detection and underground mapping solution
Combined with the powerful and rugged Leica CT2000 field tablet, the GG03 or the GPS60 smart antenna, and the DIGICAT intelligent cable locators and DIGITEX transmitters, the DS2000 is part of a complete Leiica detection and underground mapping solution


Leica Ultra Utility Tracing System

Leica ULTRA Utility Tracing System

Leica Ultra Detection System

Optimised specifically for utility tracing The protection of buried assets during excavation work demands accurate mapping and surveying of existing utilities. Integrating intelligent signal processing with unique flexible operating modes, Leica ULTRA traces buried utility lines accurately for safe underground excavations and utility surveys.

Configuration for challenging environments
The Leica ULTRA locator can be configured for different project environments and has more than 100 programmable operating frequencies available.

Best frequencies in congested environment
When working in congested environments, the Leica ULTRA incorporates Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM), which digitally analyses the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequencies for accurate utility tracing.

Trace utilities through any obstruction
There will always be an occasion when the utility runs close to or underneath an obstruction. With Offset Measuring, the Leica ULTRA locates the target line if not directly accessible from above. The function uses the available data to estimate the horizontal and vertical (depth) distance.

Transmitter to receiver link
Control the transmitter directly from the receiver with the cutting-edge communication link between the Leica ULTRA receiver and the transmitter. No more walking from the tracing line to the transmitter, simply adjust the settings automatically.

GNSS & GIS integration
True one man, single-step data capture solution for buried utility mapping or surveying applications.


Leica Digicat i & xf Series • Accessories


Leica Geosystems Digicat Cable Detectors

Leica Digisystem
Making cable avoidance easier and safer

Every year site workers are injured due to inadvertently striking buried utilities such as electricity cables or gas pipelines. Obtaining accurate information about the location of buried utilities has never been more essential to protect employees and equipment during any excavation project.

The Leica Digicat i-Series
locators make ground surveys a simple and speedy task increasing on site safety. Defaulting to power mode, maximum sensitivity ensures operators are protected against lethal electrical cables, whilst additional modes are used to detect other buried utilities.

The Leica Digicat i-Series locators provide operators with a simple solution for underground surveys. Designed with safety in mind, the Leica Digicat i-Series have a number of features which keep operators safe during the excavation process.

The Leica Digicat 600 & 700 i-Series provide a unique onboard memory function, which stores information on how and when the locator has been used. This information can be downloaded to your PC, tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth® connectivity using LOGiCAT software for further analysis.

The Digicat 700 i-Series goes one step further with integrated GPS technology users can now see where the locator has been used, further increasing site safety and traceability of locating activities.


Digitex Signal Transmitter

Leica Digicat Transmitters

Leica Digitex Signal Transmitters
Compact design and fully protected in the harshest conditions

The compact and robust Leica Digitex signal transmitters can be used in conjunction with the Leica Digicat locators to trace the route of buried utilities and to provide a depth estimation when using a locator with depth capabilities. The Digitex xf transmitters provide operators with low frequency long range tracing frequencies providing operators with a greater tracing range than ever before.

The Leica Digitex signal transmitters deliver a higher power output than standard signal transmitters. Designed with simplicity in mind they provide operators with a perfect solution from everyday site use, to specialist long range tracing.



Leica Geosystems Digicat Cable Detectors

Leica Digicat xf-Series
Making cable avoidance easier and safer

The Leica Digicat xf-Series locators provide operators with additional 512Hz and 640Hz tracing modes, enabling operators to trace buried utilities over greater distances or to easily detect sewer – camera inspection systems. Additional features include Mode Lock – the locator starts in the last mode of operation and Current Measurement, used to trace and identify services when using the Leica Digitex signal transmitter and Digimouse Standard Sonde.

The Leica Digicat xf-Series locators are designed with an emphasis on long distance tracing and the detection of sewer - camera inspection systems. Two additional tracing frequencies, 512Hz and 640Hz, have been added to the xf-Series locators and signal transmitters, delivering a greater tracing range for ground surveyors and utility contractors. Additional features such as Mode Lock, where the locator starts in the last mode of use and Current Measurement, used to identify utilities and potential faults, will provide operators with an effective solution for their surveying task.

GIS mapping via Bluetooth® connectivity allows operators to seamlessly capture information about the utility they are surveying. The geographical position and utility depth can be captured, additional site notes and photographs can also be included, maximizing the survey process.



Leica Digitrace

Leica Digitrace and Accessories • Call Northern Survey Supply at 1.800.461.3223 for more info

The Leica Digisystem accessories extend the applications and scope of the DIGICAT cable locators and DIGITEX signal transmitters. The accessories help improve the detection and tracing of buried utilities, which may carry only a poor signal or no detectable signal, they can also be used to locate some non-metallic utilities.

Digitrace (pictured right)
Makes locating small, non-metallic drains, ducts or pipes quick and easy and is available in 30, 50 or 80 metre lengths. The Digitrace rod can be inserted and pushed along the buried utility under investigation when connected to a DIGITEX signal transmitter and the signal traced on the surface by a DIGICAT cable locator.

MAXiSONDE (8kHz & 33 kHz)
A 55mm dual frequency sonde can be used to trace deep lying drains, sewers and other non-conductive utilities. It acts like a signal transmitter, can be attached to a wide range of equipment and has a depth range of 12 metres.

Digimouse (8 kHz & 33 kHz)
A compact dual frequency sonde that can be used to trace drains, sewers and other non-conductive utilities. It acts like a signal transmitter, can be attached to a wide range of equipment and has a depth range of 5 metres.

Multi Clamp (512 Hz, 640 Hz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz)
This 80mm clamp is the ideal solution for highly congested underground areas, where you are trying to locate a specific utility. To be used in conjunction with a DIGITEX signal transmitter.

Signal Clamp (33 kHz)
This 100mm clamp is the ideal solution for highly congested underground areas, where you are trying to locate a specific utility. To be used in conjunction with a DIGITEX signal transmitter.

Property Connection Set
The set provides a safe way of applying a detectable signal to live electricity cables going in a domestic property. To be used in conjunction with a DIGITEX signal transmitter.

Locators from Schonstedt

schondstedt cable locators

2016 marks over 6 decades of Schonstedt Instrument Company’s leadership in the world of underground locating. It was Schonstedt’s “flagship” product, the GA-52 Magnetic Locator, which became the instrument of choice for surveyors in the 1970’s. Today Schonstedt stands apart as manufacturer and distributor of the world’s most rugged and dependable underground locators, and the sky’s the limit! Which Schonstedt is right for you? What are you looking for? Call us today at 1.800.461.3223 and we'll talk about options.

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