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Optical Levels

Built robust to last. We offer the most comprehensive range of levels in the market today!

An automatic level, self-levelling level or builder's auto level, includes an internal compensator mechanism (a swinging prism) that, when set close to level, automatically removes any remaining variation from level. This reduces the need to set the instrument truly level, as with a dumpy or tilting level. Self-levelling instruments are the preferred instrument on building sites, construction and surveying due to ease of use and rapid setup time.

Leica Jogger 20/24 | Leica Runner 20/24| Leica NA 700 Series | Leica NA2/NAK2
Leica Jogger 20/24
Leica Jogger 20/24
Our most economical Automatic Level designed specifically for general construction applications.
Fit for Work – Great features and great performance:
Choice of magnification: 20x or 24x
* Automatic, air-damped compensator
* Smooth, double-sided endless fine drive for easy and precise targeting
* Horizontal circle with 360° division
* Water resistant (IP54) for instrument use under harsh environmental conditions
* 1 year warranty and access to the worldwide Leica Geosystems network of service and support centres

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Jogger 20



Jogger 24



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Leica Runner 20/24 Automatic Levels

Leica Runner 20/24 Automatic Levels
Tough, budget-priced construction levels. Leica Runner 20/24 are robust, budget-priced construction levels. They are quick to set up, simple to use and accurate, with clear, bright optics for easy readings.
* Robust and accurate
* Air-damped compensator
* Water resistant (IP55)
* Double-sided endless fine drive
* Pentaprism for easy viewing of circular level
* Horizontal circle with 360° division
* Budget-price

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Runner 20



Runner 24



Leica NA700 Series
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Leica NA700 Series
Build for builders, engineers and surveyors levels. Nothing stops a Leica NA700 level. A short drop onto the ground, a fall into water, vibration from heavy machinery – with a Leica NA700 level you just carry on working. No time-consuming checking or readjustment required. And, the ‘best in class’ optics enable you to always work as precisely as possible, even in twilight. What does this add up to? Reduced work downtime, thus translate into higher productivity, resulting in reliability and accuracy at an extremely reasonable price. There are four models in the NA700 range:
Leica NA720  -  The automatic level for all applications on the construction site. 20x telescopic magnification.
Leica NA724  -  24x telescopic magnification for improved accuracy. Reliability and Robustness for the demanding construction user.
Leica NA728  -  The all-rounder. 28x telescopic magnification, precision compensator. For building or engineering surveys.
Leica NA730  -  The most precise. 30x telescopic magnification. Meets the highest standards in construction, engineering and topographic surveys.

Leica NA2 / NAK2
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Leica NA2 / NAK2Precision Levels for all your stringent requirements Leica's top-class optical quality gives the NA2 & NAK2 a bright high contrast image.
* push button compensator check
* endless horizontal drive for left and right handed users
* coarse and fine focusing knob
* play-free footscrews
* optional eyepieces available
* top-class optics
Price Guide for Jogger, Runner, NA7, NA2 NA2K
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NA720 Automatic Optical Level



NA724 Automatic Optical Level



NA728 Automatic Optical Level



NA730 Automatic Optical Level



NA2 Universal Automatic Level



NAK2 Universal Automatic Level



Leica Jogger 20/24 | Leica Runner 20/24| Leica NA 700 Series | Leica NA2/NAK2

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